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Our gorgeous pizza oven!

This is where the magic happens!

This bricked beauty gets over 400 degrees inside, which cooks the pizzas quickly and evenly, while still maintaining the integrity of the ingredients. When you watch our chefs cooking, you'll notice them carefully move each pizza around the oven, lifting and shuffling each one, to ensure each pizza cooks evenly. The proximity to the blazing coals gives the pizzas a subtle smokey flavour and just a touch of charcoal which brings out the aroma of the dough.

We can produce 3 pizzas every 3-5 minutes. This means that we can stretch and form the dough, place on the ingredients, cook, cut and serve three pizzas in under 5 minutes. You won't find many pizza restaurants who can work that fast!

Our friendly staff would love to chat about your event and how we can serve you. Please call us on 0451 115 552.

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