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For events of more than 1000 guests, we can sell pizzas to your visitors and customers from our food truck.

We are fully insured and compliant with food safety and mobile vending requirements.


- Pizzas -

• From $20 per pizza

• Pizzas from our Traditional menu (See below)

• Large size (25-27 centimetres or 11 inches across). Our pizzas are hand-tossed so they're not a perfect circle.

• Gluten-free bases available

- Menu -

• GARLIC CHEESE: fresh minced garlic with mozzarella cheese
• MARGHERITA: basil-infused tomato base and mozzarella cheese
• VEGETARIAN: mushroom, onion, capsicum, olives & mozzarella cheese
• HAM & PINEAPPLE: ham, pineapple and mozzarella cheese
• BBQ MEAT LOVERS: BBQ sauce, ham, pepperoni, salami and mozzarella cheese
• PEPPERONI: pepperoni and mozzarella cheese
• SUPREME: pepperoni, ham, mushroom, capsicum, olives & cheese
• BBQ CHICKEN: BBQ sauce, roast chicken, mozzarella cheese (mushrooms & onions optional)
• CAPRI: ham, mushroom, olives, mozzarella cheese
• NUTELLA: nutella, icing sugar (must be requested before event)

- What we need -

• Space for our truck: 3.5 metres wide x 9 metres high x 4 metres high.

• Well-ventilated space for the smoke to dissipate, firm flat ground.

• Access to standard 230v power point is preferred but we can supply our own generator.

• Customer to arrange all council and permission requirements. We can provide all documentation.

We can only accept jobs where we can sell an anticipated minimum of 100 pizzas.


Pizza Alfresco Event and Party Catering Mobile Woodfired Pizza Truck
Pizza Alfresco Logo Black - NO BACKGROUN
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