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We want your event to be smooth and successful. To do this, it is important both of us have a clear understanding of what to expect. We prepare carefully for your event as per our discussions and emails and if you do not discuss your service format or menu with us prior to your event, we cannot be held responsible if it results in your event not going as planned.
When you hire us to cater for your event, it is under the below terms and conditions. When you confirm your booking either in writing in response to our confirmation, or by payment of a deposit, you agree to these terms. Pizza Alfresco will endeavour to communicate by email (preferable) or text message so that both parties have a paper trail for future reference.

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions at our discretion. It is important to re-read these prior to your event.

"Client" is the person's name on the booking and their representatives.
Last update of these terms: January 2024

We will supply availability of your preferred date in writing or verbally. Any proposal sent is not a booking and does not guarantee the date.

It is at the discretion of Pizza Alfresco to offer a 'no deposit' booking to customers. If your deposit is waived, you will be sent an email containing CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING. You need to respond in writing to this email to secure your spot or you may forfeit the space. Confirming also means you agree with these Terms and Conditions, and the legal consequences thereof.

For first time business, corporate or school customers, events further than 3 months away and weddings, we may request a non-refundable $200 deposit to secure the date, paid by EFT or Visa/Mastercard (+$2.60 surcharge).

DEPOSIT TERMS: If requested, client pays a non-refundable deposit to Pizza Alfresco in the amount of $200 within 7 days of mutual acceptance of this Agreement or the date will be re-opened to other customers. If the event does not proceed for any reason or circumstance, other than default by Pizza Alfresco, the non-refundable deposit shall remain the property of Pizza Alfresco. 'Circumstance' includes bereavement, venue issues, poor weather, and/or Acts of God.

See 'Cancellations' below for our cancellation policy.

Verbal quotes over the phone are only an estimate, please request a written quote via email. Our quotes remain valid for 30 days after issue. If your requirements change, we will review the quote as necessary. The amount quoted is an estimate based on your numbers at the time of the quotation, and will may differ from the final amount which will be based on your final guest numbers, menu selection, sides, dietary requirements, generator hire or travel fee. Until your booking is confirmed, this price may change at the discretion of Pizza Alfresco after the 30 days.
The published prices on our website and in our quotes will be subject to change at the discretion Pizza Alfresco. However, the pizza package written estimate issued to you when you lock in your date and receive your confirmation of booking in writing or with a deposit will be honoured until the day of your event even if the published listed prices change, unless in the case of extraordinary circumstances.  This does not include sides, travel, some dietary requirements, or staff hire, which will be charged at the listed price at the time of the event. You quote will also list if GST is included or excluded.
MINIMIUM PIZZA PARTY SPEND (The least you can expect to pay to hire us):

Family celebrations, parties, birthdays, private events:

SUNDAY NIGHT (from 4pm) - $1,050
ALL OTHER TIMES - $990 for Traditional & Half/Half
GOURMET: Extra $50 for Gourmet menu
DECEMBER: $1,200 or $1,500 for Saturday night

Corporate, business, organisations, school events: 
ALL OTHER TIMES (Excl December): $950 + GST

(Sides, travel, dietary requirements or generator are in addition the minimum amount.)

Events finishing past midnight will incur a $200 per hour service charge (inc GST). Events where we are requested to arrive more than 45 mins prior, or stay beyond the point where all guests are full will incur a $200 per hour service charge.

Plates and serviettes are included with each package. They are made from sustainable and biodegradable materials and are cream in colour. Forks are made from mostly biodegradable materials and are only are included if you order sides. Additional cutlery or cups are not included in your package.
Travel is included for events within the Sydney Metro basin. Parties beyond Cowan, Springwood, North Richmond, Pitt Town Sutherland and Narellan will be charged a travel fee quoted per party. We only cater in the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Central Coast (including Mangrove Mountain region) for parties of 100 guests or more.

The final price will be issued once final numbers are known, including any additional charges such as dietary requirements, generator use or travel fees. The final numbers are required no later than FOUR (4) DAYS prior to your event. After this, your numbers can increase but not decrease. If our chefs count more than 5 extra guests attending your event, we may invoice you for those after your event at our discretion.

Final payment is via (1) Cash or Cheque at the completion of the event (2) Visa/Mastercard (1.3 % surcharge), AMEX (2.2% Surcharge), 2 days before event paid over the phone (3) EFT 2 days before event, the invoice and bank details sent via email.

Receipts will be sent at our discretion. Please request a receipt if required.

Outstanding payments past the event or the invoice date will incur 2% late fee per day unless a written agreement is reached with us.


The client understands that upon entering into this contract, Pizza Alfresco is immediately committing time and resources to your event, thus cancellations result in loss of income and other business opportunities. We reserve the right to request compensation in the event of cancellation according to the below terms.

DEPOSITS RECEIVED: We retain any deposit paid if the client cancels. This includes, but is not limited to, reasons such as bereavement, venue issues, or unfavourable weather. Payments received over the requested deposit amount may be refunded in the event of a cancellation at the discretion of Pizza Alfresco.

NO DEPOSIT: Events cancelled with less than 10 days’ notice has a $200 cancellation fee, charged to you with a 7 day payment term. Please pay this, as we are a tiny family business and will have lost income from preparing for the event, and we could have filled the spot with another party. Non-payment of this cancellation fee will forfeit any future catering opportunities with us and we may seek legal remedy.

Events cancelled more than10 days prior to the event, written notice is requested. We will respond to your written notice and then no further action is required.

CANCELLATION ON THE DAY: If the client cancels the event on the day for any other reason other than a Bureau of Meterology warning for catastrophic weather events or other unforeseeable event as defined as 'Act of God', the client is liable for the full cost of the event up to the minimum spend as per our email correspondence, as we reserve the right to be compensated for all works conducted. This includes, but is not limited to, reasons such as bereavement, venue issues, unfavourable weather where we could have catered, change of mind. If the customer has paid in advance, we will retain the money up to the minimum spend and refund any amounts over. If the customer has not paid in advance, we retain any deposits received and client will be billed for the full amount up until the minimum spend with 7 day payment terms. Non payment of this invoice will be rectified through legal remedy.
See ‘Weather’ for cancellations due to weather.

TERMINATION CLAUSE: This pertains if unforeseeable circumstanes cancel the event that are beyond both party's control. 
If we cannot cater for your event due to severe or catastrophic weather and/or a natural disaster level weather conditions, as determined on the day by Australian Bureau of Meteorology warnings for your area or the Rural Fire Service, or as defined under the definition 'Act of God', both parties will be released from this agreement and any money paid by the client will be refunded with $400 retained for our expenses.

Pizza Alfresco can cater in rain and moderate wind. If you cancel your event on the day because of unfavourable weather but we could still have catered, client is liable for the full cost of the event up to the minimum spend. Any moneys received will not be refunded and any outstanding amounts will be billed to the customer with a 7 days’ payment term. Non-payment of this invoice will be rectified through legal remedy.
In the event extreme weather is predicted, the client is requested to make allowances and provision for the welfare of Pizza Alfresco employees. This may include such things as organising adequate shade, supplying water and additional time to allow for extra breaks.
FIRE SEASON: We take fire safety seriously and will not compromise on fire risk mitigation methods. We have a fire ban exemption issued by the RFS that has strict compliance requirements. The client agrees to assist Pizza Alfresco to comply with all requirements to ensure the event does not cause a fire outbreak. During fire season, we will not cater in parks or reserves to minimise the risk. On days of heightened fire risk or full fire bans, the client must provide a safe venue option away from flammable vegetation or combustible materials, with a hose connected to a working tap provided next to our equipment for quick access. If these are not available when we arrive, the event may be cancelled immediately without notice as we carry limited water supplies. We can provide a copy of the RFS compliance documents upon request.
In the event of cancellation due to non-compliance with the above requirements, Pizza Alfresco will be released from this agreement without penalty and the client forfeits any payments already made, or will be charged 100% for the event with 7 days’ payment terms.Non payment of this invoice will be rectified through legal remedy.

Our service is all-you-can-eat pizzas, within reason. We make enough pizzas for all attendees to eat until they are full, and with a few pizzas remaining. It is not unlimited pizzas. Through experience, we know approximately how many pizzas it will take to feed the guests and make limited accommodations for extra. If we are making more pizzas than is reasonable, we reserve the right to switch to the next course or finish the service. Additional pizzas in excess of guests being full shall be charged after the event at $20 per pizza for Traditional, Entree and Dessert pizzas, and $22 for Gourmet.

You are quoted for a 'buffet' self-service style where the guests help themselves from a central table. Hand-made pizza works the best in this format. If you want a different change to this format (such as cocktail or seated), you must check with us first so we can come prepared. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot do service to individual tables and guests cannot choose their own pizzas. This slows down the service, limits the selection, runs the risk of running out of certain types of pizzas and hinders the smooth running of the event. If you choose a different service format to buffet and do not inform us prior, Pizza Alfresco are absolved from any responsibility.

Once we start dessert, we cannot go back to mains. We will approach you before transitioning to dessert to ensure your guests are full. Please ask for any other pizzas at this point.

We provide enough of each side for your guests to have one generous serving of each. This is how we keep the price lower, as the side dishes are designed to accompany the pizzas, not replace them.

Important note, as the sides are sometimes placed on the table prior to the pizzas, guests may assume the sides are the main meal and serve themselves too much, not leaving enough for everyone. We strongly recommend guests are informed to only take one portion (to begin with) either with a sign, an announcement or with someone serving. The host acknowledges that should the sides run out early because early guests take more than one serving, Pizza Alfresco will not be held responsible.


It is the client’s responsibility to check their venue can support the size and weight of our equipment, and that we have access to power and water. See our FAQ page for the dimensions of our set-up and be sure to ask if you have any questions. If we arrive at the venue and we cannot fit, you service will be cancelled without a refund. If our vehicle gets bogged while on your property, the client agrees to pay for the towing fees.

All our ovens are mounted to heavy vehicles and cannot be carried. Backyard access is only available if a large vehicle can comfortably reach it, otherwise we cater from the front of the property. As we have a wood fire, we require a well-ventilated space and cannot cook under cover unless the ceiling is very high.

The client agrees to provide access to power. Our equipment must be set-up within 20 metres of a standard 230v power point. We can bring a generator for an additional $50 if power is not available. We also request access to a tap for hygiene and rinsing – outdoors is preferred.

It is the client's responsibility to ensure we are permitted to cater at that venue. Arrangements for security, access after hours, and permissions must be conducted by the client. Should any insurances or other documentation be required for your venue, we require a minimum two weeks’ notice prior to your event to supply the compliance documents.

If we arrive at the venue and we cannot set-up, we may have to cancel with the client accepting responsibility and forfeiting any payments made, or will be billed 100% for their event with 7 days’ payment terms. If during the service we are told by authorities to leave prior to your service ending, the client likewise accepts responsibility and agrees to pay us the full amount. Failure to pay will be rectified through legal remedy.

We only visit sites prior to the event in exceptional circumstances. We prefer to use Google Street View, or request the client provide photos.
It only takes us 10-15 mins to get ready to cater as we arrived with the oven hot and toppings prepared. We will arrive 15-45 minutes in advance of your pizza service time. For example, if you wish to serve dinner at 7pm, we will arrive between 6:15 - 6:45pm.
1-2 chefs are included in your package. We allocate the number of chefs at our discretion. As part of the service, the chef will bring the pizzas to a table. We welcome help to carry the pizzas as it speeds up service.

Events that run longer than 3 hours, or where we are requested to stay beyond the point where guests are full, incurs an additional charge of $200 per hour to cover staff costs.

Abuse, swearing, unreasonable or rude demands, or excessive anger at our staff will not be tolerated and will result in us cancelling our service and the client forfeiting any payments made, or being billed 100% with a 7 days’ payment terms. Failure to pay will be rectified through legal remedy.

Clients cannot enter the preparation area for insurance and safety reasons but are welcome to approach the chef from the outside to make requests – if a client or guests is injured inside the preparation area, the client accepts full responsibility and indemnifies Pizza Alfresco of any damage or loss.
If a client feels a staff member has acted in an unprofessional manner, please contact our client service representative on 0451115552 and we will may every attempt to resolve any issues. We request you do not leave negative feedback on social media as a first point - of - call as we are always willing to discuss matters.
Neither Pizza Alfresco nor any venue booked on behalf of the client shall be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the client or by any person, firm or corporation supplying any client. The client shall be responsible for the cost of making good any damage or loss caused to any venue booked on behalf of the client and Pizza Alfresco, including buildings, furniture, fittings and equipment arising out of and in the course of the client’s events.
The client uses and occupies any venue booked at their own risk. The client hereby indemnifies Pizza Alfresco and agrees to keep Pizza Alfresco indemnified against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims and demands, costs and expenses whatsoever which may be taken or made against Pizza Alfresco and/or incurred arising out of injury or damage to any person or property from or during the use of any venue.
Pizza Alfresco will remove all our equipment from the site. We do not provide cleaning services for the event. At the completion of the service, we will have one small bag of rubbish and may request the use of a bin at the venue to dispose of this.
We are not certified as allergen free, so all guests with allergic reactions eat our products at their own risk. Guests with specific dietary requirements are requested to approach the chef to order their custom pizza, then wait by the oven until it’s cooked (usually 5 minutes). This is only suggested for a few guests as it slows service.
There may be traces of known allergens in all our products. Guests who experience reactions to allergens eat our food at their own risk. Should an allergic reaction occur, the client hereby indemnifies Pizza Alfresco and agrees to keep Pizza Alfresco indemnified against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims and demands, costs and expenses whatsoever which may be taken or made against Pizza Alfresco and/or incurred arising out of injury or damage to any person.
We include gluten-free bases for most of our packages (additional GF guests are $6 per person). Notice is required. DISCLAIMER: We order the bases from a certified gluten-free bakery. However, there will be traces of flour on equipment and oven; this is unavoidable. Please choose alternative arrangements for guests who experience severe reactions to gluten.
We can alter the menu if you’d like extra vegetarian pizzas, or even an all-vegetarian menu. We can provide halal-certified meat upon request for the cost of our Customised and Half/Half menu.  The entrees and desserts are already halal compliant, and for the mains, you get seven mixed pizzas with halal-certified meat and vegetarian options.
We can make vegan-friendly or dairy-free pizzas. You have three options: (1) We can make the pizzas cheese-free (2) you can provide a bag of lactose-free cheese (3) we provide dairy-free cheese for additional $6 per guest.

We are open to receiving complaints or negative feedback and investigate ALL complaints to the fullest extent. It is very rare we get a dissatisifed client as we strive to provide the best service possible from the first booking to the end of the party. In our extensive experience, most problems arise because of a miscommunication or the client changes the service style without our knowledge, and we strongly recommend running your ideas by our customer service person prior to the event and remaining communicative with the chef at the event.
      We respectfully ask you approach us first before leaving low reviews on social media as we are approachable and reasonable with complaints and are happy to discuss and resolve matters.

Pizza Alfresco reserves the right to update or alter the above conditions at our discretion.


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