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How your party works with Pizza Alfresco!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Although each party is slightly different, here is the general overview of the booking process and party format.


  1. Your enquiry arrives with our friendly customer service person via email, text or phone call.

  2. We will send you our information pack email containing our quote and a run down of the service so you know what to expect. Please read this carefully so there are no surprises on the day.

  3. If you are happy with the estimate and details, please reply and you will be booked into our calendar.

  4. A confirmation email is sent to you with your details enclosed.

  5. Please have another read through and respond again to book in. When you reply to this email you agree to our terms and conditions.

  6. That's it, you're all booked in!


  1. Unless you have questions or changes, we don't need to get in touch again until 4-5 days prior to your event to finalise your party.

  2. You will most likely receive a text message from our customer service team asking for you to call us when you are free.

  3. On the phone we run through the booking together, checking final numbers, menu selection, dietary requirements, venue address, timing, parking, etc.

  4. This is also where we check service style. Please note that our standard format is a buffet, self-service to a table unless pre-arranged otherwise. Guests cannot choose their own pizzas (unless for dietary requirements) and we do not serve to smaller tables.

  5. Once it's finalised, you receive an email from us with the final booking summary and the invoice.

  6. For EFT or Credit Card payments, you arrange to pay before the event.


  1. We arrive between 15-45 minutes prior to your food service start time to set up. The oven comes already hot and all we have to do is pull out the equipment and toppings, and off we go!

  2. We place the plates and serviettes on the serving table.

  3. We wait for your okay to start, and then your first pizzas are served to the serving table around five minutes later.

  4. The fresh pizzas are served on wooden paddles which are taken away when empty and then brought back again with more pizza.

  5. ENTREES: If you are having entrees, we make enough for your guests to have a couple of slices so they don't fill up too much.

  6. MAINS: These come out again and again until all your guests are stuffed full and there are a few left-over pizzas on the table.

  7. DESSERT: It takes us 7-8 mins to clear away the mains toppings and prepare for the dessert. This is served the same as the above! At this point, most guests can only handle a few slices. Note, we cannot go back to mains pizzas once dessert has started.

  8. Once guests have finished eating dessert and there are some left over, we pack up and go.

  9. If you are paying in cash, a chef will approach you just before they leave.

Your party is done, your guests are full and happy and your party has been a success!

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