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What happens at your event?

Once you've booked Pizza Alfresco for your event, we do the rest.

1. We arrive 15-45 minutes before your entrée service time with our woodfired oven already primed and ready to cook.

2. When you say "go", we begin our catering service with delicious entrée pizzas.

3. Our friendly chefs bring the pizzas to a designated table so your guests can serve themselves (included in the price) from paddles.

4. Then the mains are served, and served, and served... until everyone is full and guests have slowed down eating. When there are a few leftovers...

5. We then tidy up the savoury toppings and switch to the sweet. Our desserts look and taste amazing and is the best way to finish your party.

6. Once all your guests are no longer eating, we leave you with left over pizza, a fully tummy, wonderful memories and a successful event people will remember.

Our pizzas are delicious!

Your guests will first be served our delicious entree pizzas, like the bruschetta and garlic cheese crust. Just enough are served for all guests to have a slice or two, to tempt the taste buds and prepare for the mains.

The mains pizzas come out on rotation three at a time every 3-5 minutes, going down the menu so your guests can try them all or just their favourites. These keep coming until guests slow down!

Imagine your first taste of BBQ Meatlovers with the crispy pepperoni, tender ham and the tangy BBQ sauce, baked to perfection. Or the roasted sweetness of potato, carried by the tartness of sour cream and rosemary, balanced by a salty piece of fresh prosciutto; our Patata pizza. Or the always favourite margherita with its stretchy cheese, flavoursome tomato and basil blended base, all with an added hint of a charcoal that only wood fire can give.

After this, the dessert pizzas are slathered in sweet nutella with strawberries, or caramel and banana, or traditional apple crumble. Served with whipped cream, your guests will love the sweet ending to an amazing meal.

We can also do a customised menu for you as well! All you have to do is ask.


We've got the dough!

At Pizza Alfresco the dough is everything!!  We use a recipe handed down for generations from father to son in the pizzerias of Naples, where the dough is matured, kneaded, stretched and formed by hand.

The dough stretching technique is essential to create a crust that is soft, light and full of flavour. Rollers stiffen the dough, making the final product tough to eat once it's been baked. Stretched dough is the only way to get the best pizzas!

When you book Pizza Alfresco for your next party, function or event, you can be sure you are bringing a slice of Naples to your door.


Why Woodfired Is Superior


If you want great pizza made in the traditional Italian way, you need to go woodfired. Our clay woodfired oven reaches 400 - 450 degrees Celsius, so our pizzas are cooked in the extreme heat quickly while still maintaining the ingredients' taste and integrity. The pizzas absorb the subtle smoky flavour from the wood, and the dough is tinged with a hint of charcoal so that every bite, from the centre to the edge, teases your taste buds. These unique flavours make your corporate event or private party a raving success.


A big party? A large corporate event?


No matter the size of your event, from 20 to 300, we can make sure every one of your guests are filled to the brim. Our mains pizzas are a;;-you-can-eat until guests are full, and are served every 3-5 minutes so even the largest events can be catered quickly. Other pizza caterers just don't offer such amazing service.

The benefit of hand-made pizza is we can be flexible even on the day. If you have speeches or cake cutting and need to pause your service, we can easily pause ours.

We also serve salads, pasta, meat dishes and other sides to add to your meal.

We also do more than just pizzas!


Recommended for parties of 45 guests or more. If you'd like your meal to have something extra, we also have available a range of salads, pastas, meat dishes and finger food. They're all hand-prepared and cooked fresh by our head chef so you're guaranteed an authentic taste that adds that something special to the side of your pizzas.

When you book your event or party with us, ask about our side dishes, or click below to see them listed under our menu.


We can provide some extra help, too!


Extensive experience in party catering has taught us that guests are fed evenly and quicly when the pizzas are brought to a central table 'buffet style'. However, if you'd like your guests served directly, we can provide wait staff to serve the pizzas at your event. We need minimum three weeks notice to arrange staff, so be sure to book early!

(Buffet is self-service from a table. Cocktail is a standing party.)

  1. FULL BUFFET STYLE: your chefs bring the pizzas to a table for your guests to help themselves ‘buffet-style’. This is included in the price.

  2. PART COCKTAIL, PART BUFFET: Some pizzas are served to a table and others to your guests. Guests can help themselves to the table if the wait staff is serving elsewhere. Recommend 1 x wait person per 60 guests.

  3. FULL COCKTAIL: all guests served directly. Recommend 1 x wait person per 40 guests. Please note, a table will still be required for the left-over pizza.

  4. SERVICE TO GUEST TABLES (FULLY SEATED): This style does not work with hand-made pizza because it slows pizzas, limits selection and may have certain pizzas run out. As such, we cannot accept parties that have this format.

  5. GUESTS CHOOSE PIZZAS: Unfortunately we cannot offer this service for our regular catering.

Wait staff are paid separately at the party.

Please contact us for costs and further info!

For a bartending service, we recommend Nomad Bartending:

0416 146 499 or





Wedding receptions don't have to be sit-down affairs. Pizza Alfresco can guarantee full, satisfied guests when you serve our hand-made pizzas. Buffet-style weddings are en-vogue because they work out more cost effective, have a wider range of options and guests can choose how much they want to eat.

We can also provide fresh, chef-prepared salads, hand-made pastas and other sides to accompany your delicious wedding meal.

For that extra special touch, we can create a customised menu unique to you, and we work within the reception schedule to serve the right course at the right time. It's for all these reasons that our pizza service is perfect to help celebrate your nuptials!


Public Events

We can supply a pizza stall for guests to purchase food at events like:

  • Sports events

  • Festivals

  • Fetes

  • School open days

  • Shows

  • Family evenings

  • Markets

  • School events

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Trade Shows



Birthday Parties

To celebrate a loved one reaching another year, rather than cooking yourself, why not hire us to feed everyone? Our packages start from $21 per head for three courses, all-you-can-eat and we can cater at a park, in a community hall, in your house - anywhere you're having the party. (Minimum pizza spend is $900.)

From 1 year olds to 100 year olds, book Pizza Alfresco's woodfired pizza catering to ease your planning stress!



Work and Corporate Events

Team building, Christmas parties, product launches, appreciation events, staff training and more! Hiring us to feed your staff is cost effective because there are no hidden costs, no surprises, so your budget isn't blown.

We're professional, reliable and your staff will love our woodfired pizzas! It's a great way to show your staff you appreciate them.

We can also condense your service so we can fit within lunch breaks.

We can come to your office anywhere in Sydney Metro.